Tracking Apps

New Plan Activation Steps:

1. Plug-in (OBD) or install (wired) device – leave it installed

2. Create a plan

3. Install Phone App

4. Login and start tracking your vehicles location

Don’t panic if you can’t track right away

Allow up to 24 hours for our signal to sync your location the first time

Still not tracking after sync period – Contact Us

Download tracking app on your phone directly from this website page.

A service plan is needed for GPS tracking – Service Plans


Online Platform Use Instructions

Reset Tracking Password

Phone APPs and Online Platform are not free, they are for use with a active service plan.

How to use phone apps video

Reasons your tracker will show OFFLINE

1. The tracker is out of our coverage area or in a structure blocking our signal. Check Coverage Click Here

2. No power to the device or unplugged, once power returns our network will automatically sync with the device.

3. Just activated and the network has not synced with your device. This can take up to 24 hours.

4. Tracker signal is blocked by metal in the car, installed to far under the dash.

5. No active wireless plan