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OBD GPS Tracker For Your Vehicles

OBD GPS tracker for your car. Real time tracking of your vehicle. Free Tracking platform and phone apps. Locate your car and watch a teen driver. Spy on your vehicle. GPS location history and GEO fencing, speed alerts.


Accurate – Dependable – Small/Mini – Affordable

This Plug & Play Mini OBD GPS tracker with service used to track your car is simple and easy to use.  It’s as simple as using a Phone APP, and/or for an online platform. Just purchase a wireless service plan from us for real-time tracking for your car, truck, van or any vehicle with a OBD port.

Monitor your vehicle live in real-time with extremely accurate location information.  Set-up geographical area and over speed alarms. Helps to improve driving habits. Know the exact location of your vehicle in an emergency instantly so you can send help.

Our GPS tracking system offers every thing you need at an affordable price. With an easy plug-in-play OBD GPS tracking device and sim card with wireless service, you can track your vehicle with phone apps and/or an online tracking platform.


Everything You Need For Real-Time GPS Tracking:

OBD GPS tracker for vehicles. Easy plug-in-play device.

OBD II GPS Tracker – Easy Plugin

Affordable and simple to install and is very inconspicuous, just plug it in to your vehicle, its that easy. SIM Card Included.

OBD GPS Tracker

T-mobile wireless network for your GPS tracking service plan.

Real-Time Tracking Service

All GPS trackers require a wireless signal for real-time tracking. The wireless signal connects your device to the tracking phone apps and the online tracking platform.

Service Plans

Free GPS tracking online platform and phone apps. Monitor your vehicles location with ease.

Phone APPS & Online Tracking

Download and install our real-time tracking APP for your cell phones or login online and monitor your vehicle in live real-time, active location and speed, the location history, setup GEO fencing alerts.

Tracking Software


  • 24 Hour Live Real-Time Tracking
  • Speed Monitoring and Alerts
  • Geo-fencing
  • Driving History
  • Power Disconnect Alert
  • Auto Theft Recovery
  • Insurance Discounts
  • Monitor Teen Driving Habits & Location
  • Elderly/Senior Driving & Location
  • No Battery Required
  • Free Phone Apps for iPhone & Android
  • Free Online Tracking
  • Fits all cars built after 1996

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